Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prepare Now for the Battle to Come

Has the church shown its readiness for economic hard times?

That was the question being considered by Jorge Claudio in this post on Ed Stetzer's blog.

Below are my comment and prayer regarding that post:


Great observation!

I think I heard this from John Piper first. The church should ALWAYS be living with a "wartime" mentality. Not spending as fast as we get (or faster for that matter) but store for the long battles.

May we (especially myself) see the lifestyles we are forced to live in the lean times and strive to find a lifestyle that will sustain us and, by God's grace, others through every battle (short or long) for the sake of Jesus' name.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

In Christ,
Matt Taylor

What do you think the church (as a whole and/or as individuals) needs to do to be prepared for the battles to come?

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