Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Parenting: Prayer, Purpose, Persistence, Patience

These 4 things are HUGE in parenting. Without prayer you might as well quit. Without purpose you will only cause confusion. If you want to lead you children to Jesus you have to be focused. You need to be persistent in pursuing this goal. Praying for God's grace as you go. You will need it. The hardest part of parenting is patience. Why can't I just say a quick prayer and know for sure that my children will spend eternity with Jesus?

May God help us to be parents full of grace, wisdom, and patience!

If you don't know why you should desire to lead your kids to Jesus click here.


  1. Yes! Couldn't agree more, brother. I also have four little ones and all these things sum up perfectly my experience, struggles, desires and needs as a Father trying to faithfully point my children to The City of Refuge.
    Thanks for getting these 'on paper' for us.

  2. Thanks darefamily! Your comment is a blessing to me. One of my goals is to encourage others to persevere in do in good. Parents in particular need to now that God who sees in secret has great reward for we parents who persevere by his grace. Keep fighting the good fight!